Kids' Mini Marathon
North Dakota Capitol Grounds

Friday, Sept. 19, 2014
4:30 p.m. - Registration
5:30 p.m. - Opening Ceremony with races to follow

The Kroll’s Diner Bismarck Marathon is excited to invite you to participate in its second annual Kids' Mini-Marathon. Leave your wallet at home because this race is free of charge. Simply show up, complete the participant waiver, cheer on your runners and then celebrate their accomplishment.

The Kids' Mini Marathon will take place the evening prior to the Kroll’s Diner Bismarck Marathon, Half-Marathon, Marathon Relay, 10K  Run, 5K Run and 5K Walk. Kids 12 and under may participate in a series of running events on the picturesque settings of the North Dakota Capitol Grounds. Below is a list of races and suggested age groups.

  • 50 meter dash: Ages 5 and under
  • 200 meter dash: Ages 6 - 8
  • Half-Mile Run: Ages 9 - 12
  • Mile Run: Open to any children up for the challenge!

Townsquare Media and youth fitness expert Patrick Kasper will be on hand to provide great music and entertainment. Honorary chairs Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley and Kathleen Wrigley will also be present to get the racers fired up and ready to run.

The mission of this event is to create a positive race experience for all ages and levels of fitness while promoting personal and community wellness. We hope you’ll join us.


Please note: the street running around the Capitol Mall will be closed t0 traffic throughout the duration of this event.
Click here for Mini Marathon parking map and overview.
Click here for detailed race map.

  • 50 meter dash
    * Will take place on the Capitol Mall lawn, just south of the "North Dakota" flower bed.
    *  There will be several heats to accompany the various age groups.
  • 200 meter dash
    * Will take place on the north portion of the street circling the Capitol Mall.
    * There may be more than one heat depending on the number of participants.
  • Half-Mile Run 
    * One full lap around the street circling the Capitol Mall.
    * There may be more than one heat depending on the mumber of participants.
  • Mile Run
    * Two full laps around the street circling the Capitol Mall.
    * There will be only one heat.


The Kids’ Mini Marathon races are free to children ages 12 and under.

To help us determine the number of participants, we ask that families let us know in advance who will be participating. Click here to register.

We will also offer onsite registration. All participants must have a parent or guardian give consent for children to participate either via the online form or onsite before the event.