Marathon Relay

  • 7:30 a.m. start
  • Click the registration link to see fees and deadline dates
  • Medals for all finishers
  • Long sleeve performance/technical-wear race shirt for all entrants
  • Drawstring backpack for all entrants
  • Chip timing
  • Click here to see awards.
  • Each relay team has five runners; the distances for each team member are as follow:
    • Leg #1: 4.2 miles
    • Leg #2: 6.0 miles
    • Leg #3: 4.2 miles
    • Leg #4: 6.6 miles
    • Leg #5: 5.2 miles

Relay divisions

  • Male (all male runners)
  • Female (all female runners)
  • Coed (one runner from opposite sex)
  • Masters (all five runners age 40+)
  • Corporate (all five runners work for same organization)
    • The winning Corporate relay team is given $500 to present to the charity of their choice.


  • Please be respectful to all runners/vehicles as we will be sharing parking lots with other community events taking place. 
  • Each team is encouraged to designate one team vehicle to use for transporting team members to their respective exchange zones.
  • Each team will be issued a parking pass for your designated team vehicle which will allow you into the parking areas designated for relay parking. 
  • Please drop your first runner off at the starting area by 7 a.m.; all relay cars must leave the area by 7:15 a.m. (the park entrance will be closed at 7:15 a.m. for the race start).
  • Please allow 5-10 minutes to walk from designated parking areas to each exchange zone.
  • Team members are encouraged to cheer their teammates on as they approach the exchange zone. Once the exchange is complete, move your vehicle to the next exchange zone. This leapfrog approach keeps the number of relay team vehicles on the course to a minimum.


  • All participants must abide by all rules of the road while driving on the race course. Please do not park along the race route and do not break the applicable speed limit (drivers should not speed nor should they drive extra slow to cheer for runners).
  • Be prepared to stop in those areas where the road intersects the race course.

Runners and Exchange Zones

***All relay runners will wear a relay colored bib. Teams will have an ankle bracelet, with a timing chip, that will be passed among their respective team***

1st Runner --- Start Line at Cottonwood Park

  • Run leg is 4.2 miles.
  • Parking at Cottonwood Park.
  • Be ready by 7:00 a.m.; race begins at 7:30 a.m.
  • 1st Runner must have the relay ankle bracelet.
  • 1st Runner may leave extra clothing in the Gear Check area or team vehicle.

2nd Runner---Exchange Zone #1---Riverwood Drive and tunnel area by Expressway Bridge

  • Run leg is 6 miles.
  • Parking at Ritterbush Architects, Schumacher Diamonds, Riverwood Golf Course-please use east side of parking lot at the golf course.
  • Water and Gatorade will be available.
  • 1st Runner will receive finisher’s medal after handing off to 2nd Runner.
  • Note: Runners who are running both the relay and the half marathon or full marathon should designate a team member to grab their medal at the exchange zone.

3rd Runner---Exchange Zone #2---Along trail about .25 miles northwest of Prairie West Golf Course entrance in Mandan

  • Run leg is 4.2 miles.
  • Parking at the Dacotah Centennial Park and Youth Rodeo Area (sand parking lots on west side of Dacotah Speedway, access from 24th Avenue SE/Longspur Trail).
  • Water, Gatorade and Spiffy Biffs will be available.
  • 2nd Runner will receive finisher’s medal after handing off to 3rd Runner.

4th Runner---Exchange Zone #3---Along trail adjacent to Raging Rivers Parking Lot

  • Run leg is 6.6. miles.
  • Parking at Raging Rivers. Please use north end of lot; please do not park in the 10 spots reserved for the fitness center.
  • Water, Gatorade and Spiffy Biffs will be available.
  • 3rd Runner will receive finishers' medal after handing off to 4th Runner.

5th Runner---Exchange Zone #4---Along trail by Clem Kelly Tennis Court parking lot entrance

  • Run leg is 5.2 miles.
  • Parking at Clem Kelly Tennis court parking lot. Please use the parking area located before the trail; if full, park in the tennis court parking lot, please yield to runners crossing race path.
  • Water, Gatorade and Spiffy Biffs will be available.
  • 4th Runner will receive finishers’ medal after handing off to 5th runner.
  • 5th Runner must have the relay ankle bracelet.
  • 5th Runner will receive their finishers’ medal at the finish line.

Note: After 4th Runner hands off to 5th runner, drive to the finish line to cheer your team member across the line. Each team member may enter the food court and enjoy post-race food.


  • Exchange zone handoff areas are identified by orange cones.
  • As you approach the exchange zone, find your next team member and be cautious of other runners in the exchange area.
  • Hand off your team relay ankle bracelet to your next team member. NOTE: The 1st and 5th runners must have the relay ankle bracelet to ensure accurate timing.
  • Return to the team vehicle ASAP so you can drive to the next exchange zone.
  • To assist runners at the exchange zone, the bib numbers of relay runners nearing the exchange will be announced. Listen for your team number and move into the exchange area when you hear your number.


  • It can be a challenge for relay teams who do not know their team members and thus have difficulty finding their teammate when handing-off. It is important that teams communicate with each other to ensure everyone on the team knows who they will be handing-off to during the event.
  • Have your team wear something unique or a distinctive color to help them stick out from the crowd.
  • It is your team’s responsibility to make sure each team member is at the exchange zone in plenty of time to make the hand-off.